The National Rubber and Plastic Machinery Information Center and the China Rubber/Plastic Technology and Equipment Magazine conducted an inventory of the development status and incidents of China's rubber and plastic machinery industry in 2020. After organizing experts and industry organizations, the following 10 major industry events have been selected as "Top 10 News of China's Rubber and Plastic Machinery Industry in 2020", which are now announced.
  1. The establishment, compilation and review of the 3 rubber industry standards came to an end
  In August 2020, China Chemical Industry Guilin Engineering Co. Ltd., Mesnac Co. Ltd., and Tongji University are the main editors, and the Rubber and Plastic Design Professional Committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Survey and Design Association is the organizing unit, together with related editors and participating units complete three industry standards: "Rubber Factory Logistics Design Specification", "Rubber Factory Integrated Monitoring System Design Specification", and "Rubber Factory Waste Gas Collection and Treatment Design Specification". The formulation of the 3 industry standards has filled the gaps in the industry and has significant guiding significance for the reconstruction and expansion of rubber factories and intelligent manufacturing.
  2. In 2020, China's rubber machinery industry has undergone structural changes and the situation is gratifying
  According to the National Rubber and Plastic Machinery Information Center’s survey of nearly 100 major rubber machinery companies across the country, despite the impact of the global epidemic, the overall operation of China’s rubber machinery industry in 2020 will show signs of slow growth. Although the development speed of the rubber machinery industry has slowed down, various economic indicators have continued to grow steadily, especially in the second half of the year. It is expected that the industry will maintain a relatively rapid development momentum for a longer period of time. However, due to the hindrance of foreign rubber machinery demand, the export output value of major rubber machinery products has a significant downward trend.
  According to statistics, in 2020, the total sales revenue of China's rubber machinery industry will exceed 13 billion yuan, and the sales of pure rubber machinery will exceed 10 billion yuan, an increase of more than 10% over the previous year. In 2020, China's rubber machinery industry will see an increase in sales output, but a trend of declining profits. On the whole, rubber machinery companies pay more attention to technological innovation and equipment intelligence than ever before. Our country's rubber machinery industry continues to improve its technical level and research and development capabilities, and new technologies and new products continue to emerge. In 2020, the concentration of the rubber machinery industry will further increase, and innovation capabilities will become stronger. However, companies dominated by traditional products have difficulties in operating, and the industry has shown a clear structural bull market.
  Entering 2021, from the order situation, the industry will continue this structural bull market. Good companies have full production orders, and most companies have good production tasks. At the same time, with the gradual improvement of the new crown virus epidemic, it is predicted that China's rubber machinery industry will continue to pick up in 2021, and export earnings will gradually improve.
  3DXS successfully developed the first set of 440E+800ET series internal mixing unit in China
  In April 2020, Dalian Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd., (DXS for short) signed a contract with a large domestic tire company to develop the first domestic 440E+800ET specification tandem internal mixing unit for users. The unique design structure of this unit has the advantages of energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, high efficiency, and improvement of rubber mixing quality. In addition, it also has the advantages of less investment in plant and equipment, and reduced labor.
  4The world premiere of 5 new products, new technologies and new platforms of Mesnac
  In November 2020, the phenomenal new product and new technology conference in the rubber industry was held at the Qingdao International Conference Center. Mesnac Co. Ltd. successively released heavyweight projects such as new rubber equipment products, intelligent rubber equipment R&D platform (ROC2.0), rubber chain cloud industrial Internet platform, and the world’s first EVEC new rubber material.
  All these will bring a qualitative leap in the manufacturing process, product quality, and business model of the rubber industry.
  5The first set of new high-precision hydraulic pitch-adjusting calender developed by CGEC successfully passed the acceptance
  In April 2020, China Chemical Industry Guilin Engineering Co. Ltd. (CGEC for short) released its first set of new high-precision hydraulic pitch-adjusting calenders successfully passed the acceptance. This equipment can achieve high-precision positioning of rollers and rapid adjustment of roller pitch. The no-load adjustment accuracy can reach 0.001 mm, the adjustment speed can reach 7 mm/s, and the response speed can reach the millisecond level. Compared with traditional mechanical pitch calenders, It has obvious advantages in many aspects such as production line efficiency, product accuracy, product stability, and cost optimization. The new technology applied in this equipment represents a new generation of product level.
  6Guilin Rubber Machinery's first 77-inch new dual-mode hydraulic vulcanizing press was successfully delivered
  In May 2020, Guilin Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd. (Guilin Rubber Machinery for short) independently developed the first 77-inch engineering tire new dual-mold hydraulic vulcanizing press, which was officially packaged and shipped to domestic customers. The equipment has the advantages of compact structure, stable lifting, dual-mode independence, environmental protection and energy saving, efficiency improvement, and convenient maintenance, etc., which has been fully affirmed by customers.
  7Haitian Group exported JU55000III super large two-board machine
  In April 2020, the JU55000III ultra-large two-board machine was successfully assembled after more than 50 days and was exported to the international market. The product has excellent performance, the weight of the whole machine is 410 tons, the injection weight and the volume modulus exceed 50 kg and 25 cubic meters respectively, and the maximum distance of the template is 6000 mm. It has multiple advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, precision and high efficiency. The injection volume Key indicators such as volume modulus are well-known internationally, and the performance of the whole machine has reached the international advanced level.
  This super-large two-platen machine is the “heavy weapon of China” in the field of equipment manufacturing, and it is of great significance in the industry. The JU55000III exported this time is the largest of Haitian's export models so far, and it has also laid a new milestone for Haitian's ultra-large injection molding machine to compete in the international market.
  8Zhongce Rubber Group joins hands with CGEC to develop new products to fill gaps in the industry
  In November 2020, the all-steel radial tire bead automatic molding technology and complete equipment project jointly developed by China Chemical Industry Guilin Engineering Co., Ltd. and Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. passed the achievement appraisal organized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in Hangzhou. The Appraisal Committee believes that the project results have filled a number of domestic technical gaps and reached the international advanced level.
  9Yizumi has invested heavily in building a bumper automation integration solution, which can realize the molding from raw materials to finished products in 48s
  Based on the UN3200DP two-platen injection molding machine, Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has built a bumper automation integration solution with a lot of money. The solution is equipped with feeding systems, molds, auxiliary machines, robots, automation, and YiMES intelligent manufacturing execution system. It can complete automated production from raw materials to product molding, flame burning, water cut, weighing, laser coding, etc. within 48 seconds, and can realize rapid switching of products. This solution can realize the automation, unmanned, and informatization of bumper production, and help auto parts manufacturers to provide high-efficiency, high-automation and high-information assembly line production.
  10The third batch (2020) of China's rubber and plastic machines and its supporting industries "high-quality and innovative products" and the first batch of China's rubber and plastic machine single product series "excellent and national" brand evaluation results announced
  In December 2020, the third batch (2020) of China's rubber and plastic machines and its supporting industries "high-quality and innovative products" and the first batch of China's rubber and plastic machine single product series "excellent, national brand" evaluation activities were successfully concluded. This evaluation activity was shortlisted for 6 "Quality Products", 16 "Innovative Products", 8 "National Brands" and 13 "Excellent Brands".
  This evaluation activity organized by the National Rubber and Plastics Center. Since its launch in December 2019, experts in the rubber and plastics industry have carried out precise positioning and implemented rigorous procedures in terms of activity structure, planning, plan implementation, corporate research and product declaration. In the context of the raging “new crown” epidemic in 2020, the Secretariat still insists on going deep into the front line, inspecting companies, markets and products, and visiting more than 70 companies in total, which has been highly recognized by all participating experts. This evaluation activity played an important role in responding to the national brand development strategy and helping outstanding companies to establish product and brand images. It has also set a product benchmark for rubber machinery industry enterprises, and has played a leading role in regulating the development of the industry.
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