Have you ever found a lot of unrelated explanations when finding a rubber or plastic word?
  Have you had a struggle on the use of a word?
  Or maybe encountered the confusion that some new words can’t be find.
  Now, nothing will be a problem!

Payment before December 31, 2017,  Pre-booking special price: 480 yuan
  As a large reference book ,Chinese-English/English-Chinese Dictionary of Rubber & Plastics Technology and Equipment will fill the gaps in field of Chinese and Western rubber and plastics with the most comprehensive,  authoritative and professional content in the past half century.
  It is expected to be finished printing in October 2018 and  launched in November 2018 “Guilin Xiangyuan Cup” the 11th Summit Forum of China (International) Rubber &Plastics Technology, Equipment and Marketing. 
  The book integrates new technologies, new equipment, new products, intelligent manufacturing, industrial 4.0, energy saving, energy conversation and environment protection, new processes and other related high-frequency vocabulary in rubber & Plastics industries in recent years.
  The book contains and collects words from more than 20 rubber & plastics industries dictionaries and vocabularies .
  The book is expected to have about 120,000 words, about 2000 pages in A4.

  Price: 880 yuan

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