Products requirements:
1. high efficiency products, independent research and development of products, environmental-friendly and other leading products;
2. On behalf of the industry technology development direction with the international advanced level;
3. In domestic and foreign markets have a better reputation with high market competitiveness;
4. Good sales, strong applicability and  user responsed  well.
Products category: tire building machine, cutting machine, rubber extruder, rubber hose and belt equipment, plastic injection molding machine, plastics extruder, rubber and plastics energy-saving and environmental protection technology and equipment, main Matching Accessories  and special accessories (hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic control, etc.) of rubber and plastics.         
Declaration conditions: 
  declaring enterprises must possess the qualification of the business entity and obtain the legal business licenses;
  declaring enterprises shall obtain the production licence;                  
  Products existe any of the following situations shall not be declared:
1. Products manufactured in backward process, prohibited by the state or in violation of the state's industrial  policies;
2. Products found unqualified in quality supervision;
3. Products found unqualified in export inspection;
4. Major quality and safety accidents occurred or major quality complaints  produced, and have been verified by investigation;
5. The occurrence of environmental pollution incidents or emissions are not up to standard and not effective rectification;
6. Product manufacturer violates the state's quality laws and regulations. 
Deadline is October 31,2017
The evaluation is valid for 3 years.
The evaluation is a non-profit activity. Declared product charges for 300 yuan / item. The products obtained "Good quality and innovative products" need to pay the evaluation fee of 6,000 yuan / item for the relevant activities. The unevaluated products no longer pay the evaluation fees.
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