The 17th China Plastics Exhibition & Conference, also known as the China PEC, is held annually in Taizhou every autumn, with a history of 16 years since 2000. This exhibition is a professional and representative one in plastic industry with two unique advantages. On the one hand, Taizhou is the city known as “ the kingdom of plastic products” and “hometown of moulds” for its rapid production, various products and cheap price. On the other hand, there is a broad distribution of overseas buyers and the great business turnover every year.
  The China PEC saw more than 3,5000 visitors and nearly 1,000 buyers from 30 different countries.
  The exhibited content covers injection molding machinery extrusion and below molding machinery, machinery and automation, auxiliary equipment and testing instrument, other processing machinery, mold and processing equipment, rubber and printing machinery, chemical industry and raw materials, bio plastics and degradable plastics, daily life plastic products, industrial and agricultural plastic products, packaging material and other related.
  Sino Pec , Petro China, the Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province,
  China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises  
  CPPIA (China Plastics Processing Industry Association), CPMIA (China Plastics Machine Industry Association) and  Taizhou Municipal Government
  Luqiao Municipal Government
  Taizhou economic and information commission
  Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce
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