From November 20th 2018 to 21th, South Africa Rubber Industry Exhibition and Summit, South Africa PU Technology Exhibition successfully held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The exhibition was hosted by TechnoBiz and designated National Design & Technology Center of R&P Industry as the exhibitor booth selling agent in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). 
  This exhibition is mainly for rubber products, tires, PU production and other related companies in South Africa and neighboring African countries. The exhibitors have 75 companies from 14 countries, including rubber machinery, tires, rubber, PU, additives and other related companies. It included 43 Chinese companies, 8 South African companies, 6 Indian companies, and 1 or 2 companies from other countries. Among them, the National Design & Technology Center of R&P Industry organized China Rubber Machinery Group to participate in the exhibition. Beijing Jingyie Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd, Beijing New Universal Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Qingdao Kegao Rubber and Plastics Machinery equipment Co., Ltd., Yantai Friend Machinery Co., Ltd,, Dalian Glospect Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Dalian Jiaerxin Rubber &Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. and Tieling Tianshi Machinery Co., Ltd a total of seven enterprises accompanied.
  During the exhibition, the professionals who went to the China Rubber Machinery Exhibition booth were in a constant stream. Not only local South African companies, but also professionals from neighboring African countries came to in-depth consultation and obtained samples and business cards.
  During the exhibition, the organizers also held 12 professional training courses and 21 professional technical reports. The organizers specially arranged for Chinese rubber machinery delegation to participate in the technical information exchange between enterprises after the rubber training session.
  This exhibition is the first time that National Design & Technology Center of R&P Industry has led China Rubber Machinery Group to South Africa. The strength of accompanying exhibitors had a strong strength and were highly concerned by the host and the exhibitors. The China Rubber Machinery Group brought the latest product technologies and solutions from the Chinses rubber machinery industry to the exhibition, and negotiated business with African customers and exhibitors, which conducted all-round communication.
  In 2019, the National Design & Technology Center of R&P Industry will also create more international exchange opportunities for industry companies, bring China's outstanding technology and equipment to the world, and introduce the world's outstanding technology and culture to China.