On June 19th, The Fifth Chinese Polymer Material Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest  for College Students (PMC) intramural audition successfully held in South China University of Technology Material Institute. The competition attracted 7 teams from Institute of materials and light industry, which created the largest number of teams in school record. After a tense live defense, a total of 5 teams stand out, shortlisting PMC contest preliminary.
  The PMC organizing committee encourages universities to actively organize the audition activities to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students, which can select more and better works. The material institute has attached great importance to PMC competition over the years. And the material institute and college of business administration join forces to configure two mentors for each team. Each tutor gave the team careful guides and suggestions from a professional point of view. The team will continue to improve its application materials according to the guidance of tutors, and enrich the content in later stage to achieve better ranking.