On June 11, the 5th International Conference on Multi-Functional Materials and Structures(MFMS 2018) was held in Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, more than 300 top experts, scholars and industry elites from all over the world attend the conference. 
  It is understood that MFMS has been held since 2008 and is becoming a prestigious international forum for scientists and engineers in the field of material science and engineering to exchange their technologies and academic achievements. MFMS conferences had been previously held in different places: Hong Kong (China), Qingdao (China), Jeonju (Korea), Bangkok (Thailand).
  At the conference's signing ceremony of the new materials industry, a total of 6 scientific research institutes, 7 enterprises and more than 30 well-known experts gathered and exchanged information, and 10 intercollegiate joint talent training, high-end talent introduction, scientific research cooperation projects were settled.
  During the three-day conference, 140 professional academic reports and seminars were held to provide a platform for extensive exchanges and in-depth cooperation among international experts, scholars and industry elites in the field of materials science and engineering, which showed the latest research results and the latest developments in science and related industries. The main topics included advanced functional materials, biological and biomimetic materials,  intelligence materials and structures, functional nanomaterials, advanced fabrication, reinforced composites and so on.
  Rubber and Plastics Technology and Equipment Magazine House attended the conference as a contractual media support unit of the conference, and learned about the international cutting-edge technology and development trend of new materials.