RubberCon is the international rubber thematic conference organized by International Rubber Conference Organization (IRCO). Compared with IRC,this conference provides smaller but more specialized events with high IRCO standard. It is held annually in the world, organized by the 20 IRCO members by turns. 
  RubberCon 2019 will be held in April 17-18, 2019 in Hangzhou. The theme of the conference will be Green·Innovation·Development. The conference will be divided into three topics:New Chemistry, New Materials and Simulation of Rubber.

  Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd.
  China Hainan Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd.
  Red Avenue New Materials Group Co., Ltd.
  Kemai Chemical Co., Ltd.
  Sennics Co., Ltd.
  MESNAC Co., ltd.
  Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd.
  Longxing Chemical Stock Co., Ltd.
  Jiangsu Xingda Steel Tyre Cord Co., Ltd.
  Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd.
  Willing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
  Dawn Group Co., Ltd. Sailun Group Co., Ltd.
  Quechen Silicon Chemical Co., Ltd.
  Qingdao Wanlong High-Tech Group Co., Ltd.
  Northwest Rubber & Plastics Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd.
  Shenyang Rubber Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd.
  CHEMCHINA Shuguang Rubber Industry Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd.
  Fujian Jianyang Lung Cheung Development Co., Ltd.
  State Key Laboratory of Organic-InorganicComposites

I. Topics
  1. RubberNewChemistry
  2. Rubber New Materials
  3. RubberSimulation
II. Time and Venue for the Conference
  1. Registration Date: April 16,2019
  2. Conference Date: April 17-18, 2019
  3. Venue: Hangzhou International Expo Center (No. 353 Jingben Ave, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, Tel: 0571-82908866)
  4. Transportation:
  ① Airport: 18km (20 mins by taxi) from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.
  ②Train Station: 8km (10 mins by taxi) from Hangzhou Railway Station; 13km (20 mins by taxi) from Hangzhou East Railway Station, 11km (15 mins by taxi) from Hangzhou SouthRailway Station.
  ③ Metro: Qianjiang Century City Station Exit C (Line 2), and take the bus No.419 and get off at Hangzhou International Expo Center Station.

III. Registration & Payment
  The conference fees will be collected by China Star PCO and receipt will be issued. In order to facilitate conference management and improve quality of service, please choose online payment at or make offline payment (bank transfer) after online registration. The registration fees for each registration period are as follows.
  Please note that at least one author for the paper must register and pay for it before pre-registration in order to have the paper included in the abstract book.
  *A conference registration includes the electronic version of conference proceedings, conference-related information, banquet entry, and lunch.
  * For more information, please consult the RubberCon 2019 Secretariat or E-mail to:

IV. Bank Transfer Information
  Intermediary Bank's Name: CITIBANK, N.A. ,NEW YORK,NY
  Beneficiary's Bank's Name: BANK OF BEIJING,BEIJING CN
  Beneficiary: China Star PCO
  CHIPS ID: 390617
  Account Number: 01090332001420105006099
  Message: RubberCon_Registration No._Name

  * Kindly note that the bank service charges should be paid by the delegates themselves.
  * In order to receive your payment on time, please send a scanned copy of the bank transfer remittance to
  * Please refer to the official website for cancellation policy

  1. If you register as a student, please bring your student card on site.
  2. Conference accommodation: book your own at your expense. As hotel accommodation is in great demand during the conference, please book the room in advance. You can make a reservation through the hotel links recommended at

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  Tao Feng(+86 1581 034 6676)
  Hao Hu(+86 1561 160 7708)
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