"NEW UNIVERSAL CUP" the 8th Summit Forum of China Rubber &Plastics Technology, Equipment and Marketing held in Beijing on August 20th-23rd,2012. More than 180 representatives and 130 conventioneers participated in the forum.  
  The theme of this forum was technological innovation, energy saving and enterprise internationalization. The forum was presided over by deputy secretary Huang Shaomin, and directer Zheng Yusheng made an opening speech. This forum invited more than 10 experts from the domestic and international rubber and plastic industry to discuss the new development trend , the chances and challenges and then presented countermeasures and suggestions. The organizers also specially presented the book Rubber Pioneering Trilogy and some other materials . At the end, director Zheng made a concluding speech.
  After the technical report, the honor certificates and bonus were presented to the winners of article award by Zheng Yusheng, Zhu Yesheng and Gu Chuanzhi.
  At last,Huang Shaomin, the host of the forum announced that 2014 the 9th Summit Forum of China Rubber &Plastics Technology, Equipment and Marketing would be co-organized by Safe-Run Group, and the forum titled”SAFE-RUN CUP”. Mr. Zhu Yesheng, the general manager of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology Co. Ltd., and Mr.Jiang Yong who was the executive vice president of Safe-Run Group, held a handover ceremony.
  “This forum is indeed an unprecedented and unforgettable success event. The organizers and co-organizers of the forum gave the rubber and plastics industry a satisfactory answer." In the interaction, many representatives said with deep feelings.