On April 18th-20th, The 3rd China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association Rubber & Plastics Design Professional Committee transition meeting and the National Machinery Information Center of Rubber & Plastics Industry working conference successfully held in Yunnan. More than 120 domestic and foreign rubber & plastics industry experts and related business leaders participated in the conference.
  At the meeting, Director Zheng made a keynote speech and delivered an opening speech firstly. He pointed out that the theme of this working conference is "information-led, innovation-driven". Director Zheng introduced the development of the center in the past two years and conducted a detailed analysis of the current situation of rubber machinery industry. He put forward three ideas for the future work direction of the Rubber and Plastics Center: 1. Accelerate the promotion of "two integrations", and lead the development of enterprises in the rubber and plastics industry; 2. Strengthen and improve the construction of the “four platforms” of the center, and promote the cultivation of outstanding brands in the industry through the platform effect; 3. Carry out industry statistics, evaluation, product appraisal and standard system preparation, and move towards standard internationalization. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang Yongcheng, Mr. Qi Hongzhen and Mr. Li Dongping delivered speeches respectively, focusing on the current industry situation of rubber products and rubber machinery, and highly appraised the significance of this meeting.
  Ms. Yang Jing, Secretary-general of the Rubber and Plastics Committee, reported on the work of the second rubber and plastics design professional committee, introduced the preparations for the new session of the rubber and plastics committee and explained the composition of the third committee . The conference successfully completed the re-election of the third rubber and plastics committee.
  Ms. Li Qiangqiang, Secretary-general of the National Rubber and Plastics Machinery Information Center and the Petroleum and Chemical Rubber and Plastics Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Center, reported on the work of the Center for the past two years and the future work plan. She emphasized that the informatization work was leading the role in the new era. The evaluation activities carried out by the center and the development of online and offline integration have promoted the technological progress of the industry and accelerated the pace of information construction in the industry.
  Mr. Huang Shaomin, deputy editor-in-chief of Rubber & Plastics Technology and Equipment magazine, reported on the work of the past two years. He said that the popularization of "China's rubber and plastic equipment APP and website" has accelerated the development of the publication. At present, the quality of Rubber and Plastic Technology and Equipment has been rapidly improved, and high-quality manuscripts have increased year by year.
  Mr. Qi Honglei, network operations manager of the National Rubber and Plastics Center, gave a detailed introduction to the “China Rubber and Plastic Equipment Online Platform Version 2.1”, focusing on the four functions that the platform has already achieved: "Read online Chinese and English rubber and plastics industry information", "translate online Chinese and English rubber and plastics professional vocabulary", "search online English and Chinese rubber and plastics companies yellow pages" and "read online English and Chinese rubber and plastics professional journals".
  Ms. Wei Xianqin, the training and operation manager of the National Rubber and Plastics Center, gave a detailed introduction to the training of the center. The training center is mainly engaged in the rubber and plastic industry professional and technical personnel, management personnel and market operators. It cooperates extensively with rubber and plastics industry enterprises, colleges and social training institutions. It is hoped that all enterprises in the industry will actively participate.
  In the new technology and new product release agenda of this conference, Mr. Huang Hualei, Sales Manager of Shanghai Güdel Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., “Güdel Tire Automation Solution”, Mr. Lu Yonggao, President of Qingdao Doublestar Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Report - " The First Choice for the Transformation and Upgrading of Tire Industry and the Conversion of Kinetic Energy - Doublestar Frequency Conversion Vulcanizer", Mr. Sun Zhe, Assistant General Manager of Qingdao Kelida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., "Intelligent Tire Inner Tube Flap Loading Machine", Mr. Wei Fungong, General Manager of Jiangmen Wei Na Mixing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., “New Technology and Application of Energy-Saving Rings and Hobbing Machines” attracted the attention of the participants. The delegates listened carefully to the introduction of new technologies and new products, and had a heated discussion with the experts. The atmosphere of the venue was very enthusiastic. The delegates all believed that the meeting had benefited a lot from the meeting and the meeting achieved a satisfactory result.