On October 21st - 24th, 2010, Special Committee of Rubber & Plastics , National Machinery Information Center and Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Center held working conference in yichang.
  At the conference, Mr. Zou renjie, director of China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association R & P Design Professional Committee, delivered an opening speech.Next, Mr. Zheng yusheng, director of National Design & Technology Center of Rubber & Plastics Industry, summarized the work of the center and arranged the the next year's work .Ma mingming, deputy chief-editor of the China Rubber/Plastics Technology and Equipment”(RPTE), announced the composition of the 6th reviewing and consultingboard and arranged there work.
  At the same time, Mr. Gu chuanzhi, senior consultant of RPTE" editorial department, and Mr. Yang Shungen, senior consultant of National Machinery Information Center of Rubber & Plastics Industry, deeply reviewed the development of  RPTE as well as National Machinery Information Center of Rubber & Plastics Industry and looked forward to its future. In addition, Mr. Sven Lensdorf of Festo Germany, introduced the compressed air energy saving solutions.Li  Jun, general manager of Beijing Mutual Create Bori Boiler Energy-saving Technology Co. LTD., also introduced the solution to the energy-saving and synergistic effect of coal-fired industrial boilers.
  Finally, Mr. Zheng Yusheng said that we would strengthen the construction of the information center , strengthen the publication and information services. He said that we will continue to improve the function of the information center in new situation, and provide better service to the industry.