Recently, the 2017 Qingdao Citizens' Health Science and Technology Plan Project "Development of International Standards for Tire Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Electronic Tag Series for Tires" undertaken by Mesnac has successfully completed all the acceptance work. Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau issued the acceptance certificate of Qingdao Science and Technology Plan Project.
  The project was led by Mesnac and completed jointly with Qingdao Haiwei IOT Technology Co., Ltd. The project lasted for two years and made unified specifications for various performance indicators, implantation methods, pre- and post-implantation test methods and coding methods of electronic tags, ensuring the performance, safety and global versatility of electronic tags. These four standards are the first serialized international standards officially established in the tire industry in China, and also the first international standards for electronic products for tires. It will accelerate the application process of RFID technology in tires and promote the improvement of the international competitiveness of our country's tire products.