On October 11, 2020, Guilin Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.'s classic models 1360, 1640 and other mechanical double-mold vulcanizing presses were again favored, and they successfully contracted orders of over 200 million yuan from domestic customers. This is the largest single contract value order since the establishment of Guilin Rubber Machinery Plant.
  The 1360, 1640 mechanical double-mold vulcanizing press ordered by the customer has the characteristics of high stability, high start-up efficiency, and accurate accuracy. Many large domestic tire manufacturers have good experience in use and are exported to Japan, India and other countries. This time, it will also optimize and improve according to market feedback and customer needs, and upgrade the tire installation mechanism, central mechanism, piping system, control system, etc. of the vulcanizer to improve the efficiency of the equipment, increase the environmental protection level, and reduce the maintenance of the equipment.It ensure the workload and further improve the quality stability of tires.