On January 13, Linglong Tire signed a contract with Beijing University of Chemical Technology and South China University of Technology, and the three parties intend to jointly conduct industry-university-research cooperation. The three parties signed the agreement to carry out new cooperation around the research directions of green, energy saving, low carbon and high performance, including biodegradable car tires, self-powered smart tires, etc., a total of 14 specific projects. In the future, relying on the advantages of the three parties, greater breakthroughs will be made in the application research of new tire materials, new processes and new technologies.
  For many years, Linglong and Beijing University of Chemical Technology have jointly undertaken major national-level scientific research projects such as the National "863 Program" and "973 Program". They jointly developed 16 projects and developed new technologies and new products such as dandelion rubber tires, large aircraft tires, and smart power-generating tires. Two of the scientific research achievements won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the second prize of National Technological Invention. In the research of advanced materials such as graphene, Linglong Tire and South China University of Technology have also maintained cooperation for many years and have achieved outstanding research results.