On November 6, Yiyang Yishen Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd. successfully rolled off the production line of 16 65-inch mechanical (full hydraulic) tire vulcanizers driven by cylinders. This time, the water cylinder drive of the central mechanism of the original mechanical tire vulcanizer was all changed to oil cylinder drive. The product has been tested and strictly tested on site, and all technical indicators have reached the design requirements. 
  According to the designer, this batch of exported mechanical vulcanizers adopts a full-cylinder drive design. Its products can be automatically shaped and highly automated. The position of the upper ring can be adjusted and controlled at will, and the positioning is accurate, the pressure is more stable, and it can be effective Improve production efficiency, shorten working hours, and reduce labor intensity. At the same time, it can also save the workload and working time of repeated replacement of the sizing sleeve caused by the change of tire size, and the hydraulic directional valve driven by the cylinder is more sensitive than the pneumatic shut-off valve driven by the water cylinder, which better meets the market demand .