In early December, Guilin Rubber Machinery's two independently developed new 1900 frame dual-mode hydraulic vulcanizing presses were successfully rolled off the production line and will be shipped to domestic customers in the near future. This equipment is suitable for vulcanizing small and medium-sized engineering radial tires, with energy saving, high efficiency, small footprint and high precision. The smooth roll-off this time marks a new level of development and sales of Guilin Rubber Machinery Hydraulic Vulcanizing Press in 2020.
  It is reported that the steam line of the new 1900 frame type dual-mode hydraulic vulcanizing machine adopts an integrated valve group form, which saves 15% energy than the traditional steam line; independent control of the left and right molds can realize dual-mode simultaneous vulcanization of different specifications of tires;The frame-type structure of the whole machine has a large clamping force, and the quality of the produced tires is more stable; the structure of the vulcanization chamber is improved, the seal is more reliable, and the service life of the seal ring is increased; the fully automatic operation can directly connect to the unmanned vulcanization factory. In addition, it has also been tailored according to the customer's site conditions. Under the same floor area, more tires can be vulcanized at the same time. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability, good safety performance and high efficiency.