On April 12, Dalian Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.'s new product XMN-440+XMN-800 high-end tandem internal mixer evaluation meeting was successfully held at the Yingcheng sub-production base. Many tire industry experts and representatives of well-known tire companies attended the event.
  The XMN-440+XMN-800 high-end tandem internal mixer that went offline this time is adhering to the design concept of "energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence, and efficiency", and integrates a number of domestic and foreign cutting-edge technologies and the company's latest technological innovations to achieve real-time constant temperature mixing. Reduce the number of rubber mixing sections and energy consumption per ton of rubber, and increase the capacity of a single production line by more than 30% compared with XMN-320+XMN-580.
  At the same time, the unit is serialized with the existing XMN-320+XMN-580 and XMN-580+XMN-1000 models of Dalian Rubber & Plastics, effectively meeting the production needs of different users.