On June 27, the first phase of the 2 million high-performance all-steel radial tire project of Jiangsu Anji Tire Co., Ltd. was completed and successfully put into production.
  According to reports, the total investment of Anji Tire Project is planned to be 850 million yuan, and 580 million yuan is planned to be invested in 2021. Construction was started on January 1, 2021, and the construction period was two years. The total construction area is 30,000 sqms, new workshops are 25,000 sqm, and more than 300 sets (sets) of related equipment have been purchased. For the first phase of the project that has been successfully put into production, the daily production of tires will gradually increase from the current hundreds of tires to about 2500-5000; The main products are high-performance all-steel radial tires. The product models have reached more than 20, covering conventional best-selling specifications. This marks the company's march towards a new historical period.