On May 21st, the new XJY-ZS602/250 twin-screw extruder independently developed by Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. was successfully produced. After on-site test and rigorous testing, various technical indicators met the design requirements.
  The machine adopted a hydraulic cylinder to drive the rail type roller head structure, so that the roller head can be moved back and forth. The roller is driven by double universal joints. The speed reducer, the motor and the bottom of the cylinder body are integrated design. It has the advantages of compact structure, less area and convenient maintenance and so on.
  Due to the adoption of the guide rail design, it is unnecessary to use the crane for the maintenance of this type of equipment. The maintenance personnel only need to use the hydraulic cylinder to make the roller mechanism move back and forth, making the maintenance convenient and fast. This type of guide structure will become the mainstream of the development of the twin screw extruder press for the downstream auxiliaries of the mixer in the future.