On May 14th, the funds for the first stage project construction of Triangle Tire (USA) were approved by the relevant state departments. 
  Manny Cicero, chief executive of triangle tire USA, said funds for the first phase of the plant were in place.
  The construction period is expected to be 18 months and the construction of the plant will all adopt the latest manufacturing technology.
  Mary Ma, the company's marketing director, said that the construction site was ready and that it was waiting for the completion of the formalities to be officially started, with the goal of completing the phase by April 2020.
  The triangle American factory is located in Edgecombe, North Carolina.
  According to the introduction, the factory is to use the integration of virtual simulation technology, information technology, automation technology and management technology to build a "intelligent factory" with all the new features of the whole field intelligence, full process automation and all directional green.