It is understood that the On-line Advanced Planning and Scheduling (OAPS) system, which is independently developed by MESNAC, is a production control system based on the application level of the production equipment system in the mixing workshop. It integrates one or more sets of fully automatic small powder weighing system with multiple mixing production lines, and realizes the online real-time pulling production of fully automatic small material weighing system through logistics. When each of the mixing production lines receives the production plan from the MES system or artificially added locally, it will actively transmit the information such as the production plan and the refining cycle to the OAPS system in real time. The OAPS system will be more dense according to the established algorithm. Refining production line production planning needs online scheduling, and self-predicting, adaptive and deep optimization, dynamic real-time adjustment of scheduling results, to achieve small powder weighing system and meet the planning requirements of multiple mixing production lines.
  Not only that, OAPS also has full-process data acquisition and analysis capabilities, which provide strong support for future equipment improvement and production optimization. Moreover, without relying on the MES system mode, the OAPS system can also realize the linkage of equipment in the mixing workshop, reducing the total cost of automation and intelligent production for customers. Compared with the traditional APS system, the OAPS system of MESNAC has the functions of online dynamic adjustment, self-adaptation, self-prediction, etc., with high pertinence, strong implementability, more specific planning and control, and higher system reliability. 
  The research and development of the MESNAC small powder OAPS system has greatly improved the automation and intelligence of the mixing workshop, laying a solid foundation for the comprehensive realization of intelligent and compact. At present, the first phase of the system's research and development results have been completed, and the F customer is online, and has been highly recognized by customers. The follow-up MESNAC team will strengthen the research and development to meet the needs of more production models and customers.