In mid-June, good news was transmitted from Uzbekistan, and “One Belt and One Road” Uzbekistan project involving Yiyang Rubber Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd. was successfully accepted. At this point, Yiyang Rubber Machinery successfully completed two projects of conveyor belt and tire in the project.
  “One Belt and One Road” Uzbekistan project was jointly funded by the Beijing Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute of the China National Chemical Corporation in September 2016. Yiyang Rubber Machinery undertook the design and construction of the rubber mixing equipment GK-400N mixer in tire project and the GK-190E mixer in the conveyor belt project and 2.2m×10.6m steel cord conveyor belt flat vulcanizing machine production line. Among them, the tire project is the country's first tire project, and the conveyor belt project is the first wire rope core vulcanizing machine production line project in Uzbekistan.
  In April 2018, the conveyor belt project was successfully put into operation, which successfully produced the first high-strength, impact-resistant, large-width steel cord conveyor belt in Uzbekistan, completely rewriting the history of Uzbekistan's inability to produce steel cord conveyor belts. The successful acceptance of the tire project also completely ended the country's history of not producing tires.