Recently, ChengShin Tyre “Technology Reform Project for Improving Environmental Protection and Safety Level Automated Logistics” (Second Phase of Safety and Environmental Protection Technology) passed the approval of the environmental protection department.  
  The safety and environmental protection technology reform (Phase II) project invested 600 million RMB. Prior to this, ChengShin Tyre invested 250 million yuan in 2017 to launch the “Safety and Environmental Protection (Phase I) Project”. The project has passed the environmental protection department's acceptance and operation.
  It is reported that the safety and environmental protection (Phase II) technical transformation project will adopt the self-developed tire automatic handling and intelligent three-dimensional storage system with independent intellectual property rights to realize the whole process logistics automation and intelligent process.
  At the same time, the introduction of advanced one-time building machine, supporting equipment such as Maxxis robots and automatic stacking machines, further improve the level of safety and environmental protection, reduce the energy consumption level of product units, and carry out automatic logistics technical reform.
  In addition, 10 workshops such as molding, vulcanization and testing were used for technical transformation of forming, powder spraying, vulcanization, external inspection, and shelf transportation. After the technical transformation, 20 automated logistics conveyor lines were realized.
  ChengShin Tyre (China) Co., Ltd. was established in July 1993 with a total area of 1.51 million sqm. The designed capacity is 1 million annual bias tires and 14.8 million radial tires.