On July 17, US T Company signed a cooperation agreement with Mesnac America Co., Ltd. to fully adopt Mesnac automatic fiber cord oblique cutting machine (40-degree to 90-degree fiber cord cutting machine), which means that Mesnac cutting products have realized first breakthrough in the North American market, creating a new situation in mid to high-end international market. 
  In July 2018, Mesnac Americas learned about the T customer's project requirements for fiber diagonal cutting. The key point was that the joint method was upgraded from manual to automatic, and one person completed the whole machine operation.
  At the T customer site, Mesnac cutting team fully understands the customer's actual production and equipment usage, and further clarifies the customer's needs. In the technical exchange, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions and reached a preliminary technical agreement.
  In December 2018, the main responsible person of the T client project went to Mesnac Jiaozhou Industrial Park for field visits and technical exchanges, fully affirmed the cutting products, and also had a preliminary understanding of other products in Mesnac.
  In the end, after the two parties conducted frequent mail exchange confirmation, Mesnac America Company found a solution for the customer and achieved a satisfactory signing.
  It is reported that the fully automatic fiber cord oblique cutting machine is one of the new products that have been researched and developed for the market demand in the past two years. It has been widely recognized by customers in the markets of Greater China, India and Vietnam.This successful entry into the North American market, in addition to the excellent performance of the product itself, also benefited from the localization of the Mesnac Americas and North American R&D Centers.