A few days ago, DALIAN RUBBER & PLASTICS MACHINERY CO.,Ltd successfully won a bid for a domestic aerospace turnkey project, contracting a meshing compaction production line and a calendering production line.
  The successful bidding of the complete set turnkey project of rubber machinery has made a new breakthrough on the turnkey basis of the meshing compaction production line, adding a calendering production line turnkey project, and also responsible for the customer's production workshop cooling water, production monitoring, environmental protection and other auxiliary equipment , truly realized EPC over-key mode.
The complete set project of rubber machinery is well received by users
  With the continuous deepening of national environmental protection work, more and more companies in the rubber industry actively respond to national calls and gradually upgrade equipment. DaLian Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co. Ltd actively promotes the complete set turnkey pattern of rubber machinery, provides overall solutions for energy conservation and environmental protection, and always strives to meet customer needs.