On May 23, it was learned from the Sinopec News Office that recently, Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company, a subsidiary of Sinopec Corp., successfully realized the industrial production of PBST and PBAT biodegradable plastics. The biggest feature of these two plastics is that they can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide under composting conditions, which strongly promotes the green development process of engineering plastics in China.
Operators are tuning process parameters
  It is understood that Yizheng Chemical Fiber is one of China's modern chemical fiber and chemical fiber raw material production bases, Sinopec's high-end polyester production base and special fiber research and development and production base. The company currently has a production capacity of 2.2 million t / a of polyester polymerization, the world's largest polyester staple fiber production and sales volume, and has thousands of tons of para-aramid fiber called "golden silk".