On May 18th, the project of 100,000 tons per year of high-performance polypropylene resin was carried out "online signing". The project was invested and built by Xuzhou Haitian Petrochemical Group, with a planned investment of 250 million yuan, and construction started in June with a construction period of one year. It was specifically introduced to undertake some of the newly added propylene raw materials after the Daqing Petrochemical Refining Structure Adjustment and Transformation Project was put into production.After putting into operation, the annual output value is expected to be 850 million yuan, and the profit and tax will be 100 million yuan.
  This was a key step in the development of Daqing's "oil head and chemical tail" industry during the epidemic, and it strongly promoted the coordinated and closed-loop development of the upstream and downstream of the "thousands of tons oil refining" industry chain.