Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery signed a contract with Zhuhai Runxingtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (“Runxingtai”), in which Runxingtai purchased two sets of DM4000H automatic die-casting cells from Yizumi.
  Runxingtai is one of the top 20 die casting manufacturers in China and enjoys a good reputation in the field of communication parts die casting. Its independent research and development of semi-solid die casting molding technology, since the introduction to the market, ZTE and Huawei quickly favored it. This time, the company purchased the Yizumi 4000T automatic die-casting cell and integrates semi-solid technology to produce 5G communication base station structural parts. These are the largest die-casting cells purchased by Runxingtai to date.
  Speaking of the first cooperation with Yizumi, Mr. Ren Huaide, chairman of Runxingtai Electrical Equipment, is full of confidence and high expectation: “Yizumi is a world-class well-known enterprise in the die-casting machine industry, its product performance is reliable and stable, and some key technologies are at the forefront of domestic counterparts. Because of this, we hope to cooperate more deeply and in the long run with Yizumi, and work together to seize the opportunities of the 5G era.”
  Yizumi Heavy-duty die-casting machine integrates the North American and European design concept, improve the standard of materials, and greatly enhance machine rigidity and stability, customized for the global high-end die-casting production. At present, Yizumi has developed H series heavy-duty die-casting machines (1000T-4500T) and commissioned to China Sinotruk and North America well-known auto parts enterprises Walker Die Casting and went into stable production.
  Mr. Li Qianhu, deputy general manager of the Yizumi die casting division said that the 4000T automatic die casting cell for Runxingtai has been developed according to the highest requirements of H series heavy die casting machines. For example, the clamping unit adopts forged steel, which makes the machine have higher durability and reliability, and improves the precision of castings. In addition, besides providing the machine, semi-solid die casting technology solution is also integrated to meet the needs of Runxingtai to produce high-quality 5G base station parts. He hopes the two sides can work together to develop a win-win future in the 5G era.