Recently, the key equipment head and main machine of the first domestic five-layer plastic co-extrusion blown composite film unit with independent intellectual property rights, unique structure and product width of up to 20 meters have been successfully launched in DXS. The machine head is the key device of the plastic co-extrusion blow molding compound film unit, and the research and development is extremely difficult. The R&D team and the debugging team lasted for half a year, and the load test was carried out eight times on the machine head.
  In the R&D process, DXS Plastics adopted a series of latest technologies. The machine head adopts a new type of diverter configuration to achieve no dead angle structure design, no material storage, greatly improve self-cleaning, and form three patents of its own; The special interlayer structure of each layer of the machine head controls the flow rate of the melt in the machine head well, so that the final product has high strength and high transparency; The new internal cooling control technology can make the filming accuracy within ±0.2cm; Through experimental simulation, calculation and analysis, a set of precise processing parameters, tooling, testing methods and assembly methods are formed, which effectively controls the machining accuracy and assembly requirements of the unit, so that the unit performance can achieve the expected results; Using POLYFLOW software, the extruder and the machine head are assisted in designing different materials, and the temperature field and flow field condition are analyzed, so that the extruder and the machine head have more room for raw material selection; Using VEL software simulation analysis and calculation, the melt flow uniformity in the machine head is effectively controlled within 5%; According to the optimization and innovation of the five-story unit, the latest technology is applied to the company's similar products, and the product is serialized to meet the different specifications of the product width span of 6000-20000mm and thickness of 0.06~0.16mm.
   The successful development of the key components of the unit determines the overall capacity and performance of the plastic co-extrusion blown composite film unit, which is the core factor affecting the quality and performance of the final product. The unit is fed by multiple extruders at the same time. Through extrusion, inflation, stretching, shaping, winding and other production processes, various specifications and series of agricultural shed film products are continuously blown, mainly used in agricultural fields.
  The machine head and main engine developed by the DXS company have effectively controlled and solved the above-mentioned key problems, fully satisfying the customers' demand for different types of film.