The DXS company signed a 90E compact line complete package project with a large rubber products company in Shanxi, officially put into operation. The project includes an auxiliary machine, a 90E mixer, a 550 open mill and a film cooler. This is another new achievement of the company following the completion of a number of close-package projects for Michelin and Continental.  
  In recent years, the company has sought a breakthrough in the complete assembly market of the close-mixing line on the basis of the sales of internal mixers and open mills, which has greatly enhanced the company's market competitiveness. In December 2017, the company set up full-time technical personnel to be responsible for the formulation of the complete project, effectively improving the work efficiency and program quality, and successively implemented a package of general contracting items such as the 110L dense line of a large Taiwan tire enterprise and the 75L dense line of a military enterprise in Inner Mongolia. the 320E dense line of a thermal insulation material company in Vietnam. The implementation of these projects provides users with a total solution, which is well received by users.
  With the continuous deepening of environmental protection work, the press-type kneading machine production line widely used by non-tire rubber products enterprises has been upgraded into a drop-type dense line. DXS looks at this market trend and vigorously promotes the recommended package model to users, providing customers with a total solution. Currently, they are negotiating a complete package project with a number of customers.