MESNAC recently opened a new development and production facility in the Trencianska Tepla region of Slovakia. The new facility will serve as MESNAC’s European and Research and Technical Center (MERTC).


The Grand opening of the new plant took place on the occasion of 7th anniversary of the foundation of the MERTC Company and its establishment follows a long tradition of tire and rubber machinery manufacturing based in Slovakia. The MERTC company was founded on October 1st 2009 and created by the engagement of senior managers and engineers from the former Matador Machinery Division (later Continental Machinery), which was closed down in 2009 during the economic crisis.


At the opening ceremony, Karol Vanko, General Director of MERTC stated that “By opening this new plant, MESNAC will strengthen its activities in Europe, as the new facilities will improve the entire process of developing and testing new machines, providing warranty and post-warranty services and spare parts supply. It will provide a fully equipped production facility which will enable MESNAC to supply machinery that meets the performance, quality and safety standards of the European based global and regional tire companies. The location and capability of this new facility will allow MESNAC to provide a very competitive commercial and service package to its European customers.”


In the new plant, MERTC will be producing their latest models of Passenger tire building machines P-PRO, P-PRO N and the latest fully automatic machine P-PRO XT, Truck tire building machines including the latest highly competitive and industry leading T-PRO and Hydraulic curing presses type CP and CPS for passenger car tires. A number of these tire building and curing press models have already been accepted by some of the world’s top five tire manufacturers.

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