1.High accurately processed machine parts ensure the excellent mechanical performances and accuracies of the whole machine; 2.The whole machine is PLC controlled. HMI operation makes the size adjustment and process data change much quicker, much direct and much easier. The functions like real time process monitoring, fault display, diagnosis make the machine operation and maintenance much quicker, much direct and much easier; 3.The belt servicers is an automatic length setting way on the B&T Drum; 4.JLB spiral winding unit can satisfy the needs of high quality tyre building; 5.Top application or bottom application type tread servicer can meet the different needs of different users; 6.The 3-D motion dynamic and static roll stitcher combination enables their much greater ring of stitching the various tyre body curves and contours,which can satisfy the different process layout such as the tread over the sidewall or the sidewall over the tread........