Tianjin HanFook Precision Hydraulic Technology Co.,Ltd.


Located in Haihe River Industrial Park of Tianjin, HANFOOK—cofounded by several personages who love heartily hydraulic industry, focus on innovation of hydraulic technology, and regard promoting the hydraulic level of China as a mission. HAN(瀚),means a wide application of hydraulic and a broad & happy minded of hanfookers . FOOK(福),means HANFOOK is a brand from Chinese nation , and reflects the HANFOOK culture—creating value and benefit for company and society. HANFOOK, focuses on value addition and energy conservation of customers’ machines, cost reduction and benefit increase with suppliers, and corporate profit by technology innovation& various services& close cooperation. Apuring high degree of integration & optimizing projects & providing thorough solutions are our target and pursue. While corporation benefit & becoming a world leading brand are our dream and vision.
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