The Beijing Jing Yie Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd. was established in 1996, which is a high and new technology enterprise devoted in researching, developing and manufacturing professionally of rubber machinery and equipment, specifically the tire building machinery and equipment and associated special and non-standard rubber machinery and equipment products, as well as providing the users with technical service such as the overall software and hardware integrated for the tire manufacturing and building. The tire building machines(TBM) manufactured by the company have been widely favored and selected by the domestic and internal tire manufacturers, with a resource of more than eighty premium customers at home and abroad, and the products exported to the countries of Japan, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India,Sri Lanka, Turkey, Mexico and Taiwan region of China. At present, the two of the Four Top International Brand Tire Makers, the four of the India Top Tire Makers and the Top Most Domestic Tire Maker and Top-ranked 20 Tire Makers are almost long term friendly cooperation partners of the Jing Yie Mechanical Equipment Company. In the rubber machinery and equipment market in South-East Asia, the China made semi-steel passenger car TBM mostly from Chine are found all Jing Yie Mechanical Equipment Company’ products The major products of the Jing Yie Mechanical Equipment Company include: semi-steel passenger car & light truck radial TBM set, all steel light truck single stage process TBM, semi-steel passenger car & light truck single stage process TBM, OTR bias TBM, truck bias TBM, light truck bias TBM, aircraft two stages radial TBM, agriculture radial TBM, motorcycle radial TBM, textile fabric and rubber sheet multi-blade slitter, rubber strip cutter, nylon cap belt strip separating machine and so on. Among the products, company’s leading product of semi-steel radial TBM series was ranked first continuously for years in Chinese market and South-East Asia market, honored with the National Science & Technology Progress Prize for several times, patented with several know-how technologies, and the only Famous Brand Product granted by the China Rubber Association in 2011. The company passed the ISO9001 Quality Certification in 2003, was ranked 36 in the Most Potential top 100 manufacturers by the Forbes Magazine of the Internal Famous Finance and Economics in 2005, and ranked the Top Most 10 for years in China’s rubber machinery and equipment manufacture industry and also in the Top 20 World Rubber Machinery Manufacturers short listed and awarded by the European Industry Association. As a famous company specialized in professional research, development and manufacture in the China’s rubber machinery and equipment manufacture industry, we always adhere the objective of meeting the customers demands. The company’s leading research, development and manufacture technologies and perfect whole process service(including pre-sales enquiry, in sales training and periodic return visit after sales and comprehensive user’s manual, sufficient spare part supply and quick responded on-site technical service)and the good credit guarantee the customers be rest assured to use the products of our company.
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Main Products

  • Band Building MachineModel:
    Feature:LC-BBM0810-4P/LC-BBM1214-4P/LC-BBM1416-4P/LC-BBM1316-4P(W) 1. High accurately processed machine parts ensure the excellent mechanical performances and accuracies of the whole machine; 2. During whole building process PLC are used,with the touch-screen type HMI operation used to perform the functions to set process parameters, store sizes, display building process and fault diagnosis etc.,enabled the easy operation and quick and direct change of the size data; 3. This equipment is a new structure design,which makes the whole machine structure compact, reliable and working with high efficiency; 4. Main body box make by welded type, this made the whole machine have a high accuracy. The rotation of the B&T drum box drive by frequency motor and the expand&collapse of the B&T drum drive by cylinder; 5. Body ply servicers consist of four layers to ensure the centering accuracy of all components; 6. B&T drum uses expand& collapse type, enable re- expand& collapse of the B&T drum......
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