Established in 2000, MESNAC is an international group company originating from Qingdao University of Science and Technology. MESNAC is committed to R&D and innovation of information equipment, industrial software application and new rubber material research. It aims to promote the development of industrial intelligence and provide integrated informationalized software/equipment & management/control solutions for rubber companies. Apart from rubber machinery, it also operates in the field of automation logistics, Internet of Things, chemical industrial equipment, new rubber material. In 2006, MESNAC was public listed in Shenzhen stock exchange, and becomes the first listed privately-run company in Qingdao. In 2014, the sales revenue of MESNAC ranked the 1st in the global rubber machinery industry. MESNAC supports the establishment of National Engineering Research Center for Rubber and Tire and National Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Tire Equipment and Key Materials and aims to build the best R&D platform in the field. Based on the platform of National Engineering Research Center for Rubber and Tire, MESNAC is committed to build the ecological chain in the rubber and tire industry. In 2009, MESNAC established European Research & Technical Center, which is the first overseas R&D center in the Chinese rubber machinery industry. In 2013, MESNAC established Qingdao R&D Institute, and opened American Research & Technical Center in Akron. An international R&D network has been established. MESNAC is recognized as National Major High-tech Enterprise, National Innovation Enterprise and National Resource-saving and Environmental-friendly Enterprise. It is recognized as key software enterprise within national planning framework for 10 consecutive years and owns national recognized enterprise technology center, post-doctoral research center and academician research station. Until now, MESNAC owns over 700 patents and over 120 software copyrights, and over 300 of patents are patents for invention. The company achieves 1 National Scientific and Technology Progress Award, 23 Provincial Scientific Technology Awards. Also, it drafts 51 pieces of national and industrial standards and chairs over 50 national R&D projects. MESNAC establishes strict quality management mechanism. Professional quality inspection staff conducts all-process quality management and applies advanced information management methods from the raw material entry, to the start of design, to the procedures of manufacture, assembling, inspection, etc., with a view to ensuring product quality. MESNAC owns manufacture factories covering an area of nearly 1000 mu and boasts over 200 CNC machines, the machining precision of which could reach μ level (5 microns). Meanwhile, MESNAC establishes a professional processing and assembling team, pooling experts from U.S., Germany, Slovakia and other countries. Currently, MESNAC is approved with a series of certifications, including ISO 9001 : 2008 quality management system, ISO 14001 : 2004 environmental-management system, OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health safety management system, 94/9/EC equipment explosive atmospheres certification, CMM3, CMMI4 software enterprise international certification. MESNAC core products are recognized with CE certificates. Following the principle of “Global Technology for Local Solutions” and based on the strategy of globalization, MESNAC has established a global R&D, manufacture and service network. MESNAC aims to further integrate advanced resources in the globe and provide the most professional and localized service to over 300 customers in more than 60 countries and regions in the world.
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Main Products

  • Mixer Feeding SystemModel:
    Feature:With automatic and intelligent functions, it can be provided feeding system for all types of mixer or used for system updating, reforming and maintenance. ● Integrates process control with production plan, material management and quality tracing, realizes control and management by one system. ● Realizes different packing form conveying, such as sack, big bag, truck. ● Auto-batching and weighing system for different material, such as power, particle, block, liquid, etc. ● Totally enclosed conveying, energy saving and environment friendly.
  • Small Chemical Batching SystemModel:
    Feature:Accuracy, salability, high efficiency, improves products quality, reduces cost and realizes Green production.  Design different type and working position according to customer requirements;  Realizes different material weighing and batching, such as power and particle, complied with CE and AREX directive, the dangerous chemicals can be handled;  Realize mixing quality tracing;  Energy saving and environment friendly, green production.
  • Rubber Grinding and Blending SystemModel:
    Feature:This system is a set of automatic bales handling system, to grind the standard bales of rubber into small size granule and homogenize it perfectly, then weigh and transport the granule to the internal mixer. It consists of six parts: introduction conveyor, shredder, granule conveyor, blending drum, anti-sticking preparation device and de-dust device.  Good mixing uniformity, high weighing accuracy of raw rubber, reduces the impact of human factors, and improves the quality of finished products.  Higher level automation, easier operation, less manpower.  Upgraded rubber cutting method, save the need of raw rubber heating, effectively save energy and operation costs.  Lower discharge temperature, shorten mixing time, improve filling factor, greatly enhance production efficiency.